Rut of KfarGanot

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Dumplings make you feel warm just thinking about them

18 Adar
Shmuli moved his treasures into the barn last night. Today, he has decided to move into Club Or's office. I wasn't sure about that, but Shmuel said he could. He assures me he will be back in the barn before I know it but it's best he finds out why the animals live so close to us. It's true, they keep us warm. The barn wall is very thin and the heat from the animals makes quite a difference on cold winter nights. They are outside in summer or the temperature would be unbearable. It's handy not to have to go too far for dung to put on the fire when it's cold out too.

Rivkah and I set about cleaning out the vegetable store today.That always means it's a soup day as we use up things that won't keep. Rivkah did a good job cutting out the bad bits and chopping so we had a fine vegetable soup with herb dumplings for supper. There's something about dumplings that makes you feel warm just thinking about them. I'm sure you know what I mean!

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Chorazim ask KfarGanot for help

29 Shvat

It's Shabbat and we are so thankful for it. Despite the laundry, I was ready in good time. We had a restful evening with the men discussing Torah while I saw to the children and listened as best I could. As we were getting ready for synagogue this morning, a stranger knocked on the door looking for Sextus. He was very out of breath but managed to communicate that a man in Chorazim had been hit by slabs from a roof brought down by the wind. Sextus grabbed his bags and left straight away, shouting his apologies as he went.

It all happened so quickly. Chorazim sending to KfarGanot for help!
"It seems there are still people needing a good doctor after all!" commented Shmuel as he closed the door.
"Indeed," replied Rabbi Moshe, "And I'm sure there always will be. When that young man realises that and just what we have in Yeshua, he will be free to be himself I am sure."

Thursday, 7 February 2013

something amias about the way the world works

27 Shvat

I am beginning to think there's something amiss about the way the world works. Why is it that in winter there is much more washing when the climate makes it most difficult? The water outside is inclined to freeze over at worst and at best is so cold it makes your fingers ache and on top of that there is nowhere to dry anything because of the rain! I have even had to resort to drying work clothes in Shmuel's workshop...he's not using it at the moment.He's working on the terraces with Shmuli, it's very muddy work.I hope I can get back to my journal properly when all this extra work is over.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sextus is troubled

23 Shvat

Rabbi Yeshua stayed with us nearly two weeks on and off. Shmuli seemed disappointed that he would not be sleeping at Yoshi's any more. Shmuel and I were late to bed last night and we sat sipping some mulled wine, Sextus wandered in saying he could not sleep. I think I mentioned that he was concerned that his medical practice was suffering. He said he had not made much money over the last few months because he had lost his best customer, Miriam of Migdal, and was now afraid of losing the Centurion too. Our own fortunes have improved considerably since Yeshua came into our lives, it never occurred to me his presence could have the opposite effect. I did not realise he had sold his home to fund his stay with us. He reluctantly confided that all he presently owned was in his purse and medical bag.

Sextus is teaching in school, he didn't ask for payment, though he could have done. The boys are learning Greek more thoroughly than any of us ever did. He is an excellent teacher. Perhaps he could teach other children in the town, Shmuel suggested. He supposed he could, but it isn't his first love. Perhaps he should go back to Rome, he wondered? We would miss him. I felt sorry for him. He is such a gentle soul, not rugged like a farmer or a soldier. I think we have persuaded him to wait for better weather. I doubt the storms we get this time of year make traveling in winter either practical or pleasant. I would love for him to come to Yerushalayim for Pesach. We shall have to see if we can persuade him.

Friday, 1 February 2013

A man must have an excuse to have chicken soup

21 Shvat

The men have been busy inspecting and repairing the terraces today. I made Shmuel and Shmuli promise me there would be no repeat of last year when my son got hurt and ran such a fever. They promised they would be careful, but Shmuel observed as they were getting ready, that we have a live in medic these days and besides, a man must have an excuse to expect extra portions of chicken soup sometimes!
Soup I can do. Worry, I'd rather not. Would he take extra care if I made chicken soup, I asked. He winked and told me not to become a scolding wife. At that I chased them both out of the kitchen with my broom.

Did I see my husband turn at the gate and pull a silly face at me? I can't be sure, but I hope the rabbi wasn't looking!

Monday, 28 January 2013

Baby Donkey

17 Shvat

How easy out it is to get out of the habit of doing things...even things you love.I realised this evening that I have not been keeping my journal up to date. Over the past year so much had happened...and I suspect the amazing events are still not over...I would hate to think that in years to come they could be forgotten!
I must try to get back into the routine, not for myself alone, but also for the sake of anyone who may read that I write.

While I was ill, it seems our donkey, Princess, showed signs of being pregnant. Nobody told me, so the events of last night took me completely by surprise.

I was just about to dish up supper, much later than usual when Shmuel put his head around the door,

"It's time,Honey, Princess's foal is being born in the barn, bring the children and the bright lamp."

Supper will have to wait, the baby donkey is on its way. Rabbi Moshe was happy to mind the twins they had just been fed and were sound sleep. Rivkah and Sextus went to fetch Shmuli from Danni's. Of course, Yoshi and Miri came too. Sextus said he'd be here if we needed him, but it should be a family affair.

We crept into the barn and there was Princess on her side not looking comfortable. I knew how she felt. We could see the feet of the baby and Shmuel explained that everything was as it should be, one foot slightly ahead of the other. After a while we could see the nose... Miri let out a long "Aaaah".

"Doesn't she need help, Dad?" asked Shmuli

"No, son, let's wait, you can do damage if you interfere or if you don't do it right."

We forgot all about supper. It was quite late when Princess's daughter was born. Shmuel explained to the children that there is a right and a wrong way to help a donkey into the world, if you get it wrong you could damage its back. Fortunately, "Little One" did not need any help. Princess was fine too. Shmuel stayed to make sure everything was ok and to tidy up the barn. The rest of us went back indoors.

Sextus took supper out to Shmuel and took Miri Shmuli and Yoshi back to Danni's as the rest of us ate and I got the Rivkah off to bed. I was tucked up snugly when Shmuel finally climbed in beside me. He was icy cold. Brrrrr!

"It's snowing," he said simply. "Thanks for warming me up."